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Our History... How We Got To 2018

We've been going through huge changes here on the farm, and it's made me sit back, and take a long look at the incredible road we've traveled to get where we are now... May of 2018

It's hard to believe that it's been over 40 years since Marian and I realized that we wanted to spend our lives farming. We were living in Western Mass in the 70's and had started growing a large garden. We learned to can, freeze, and dry all the vegetables we grew.  And we loved it. I was helping out on a dairy farm and we started making cheese in the kitchen from cows I was milking, and we loved that too. Something in all this clicked on a very deep level and we decided that we wanted to live close to the land. Not sure how to make this a reality,  we started looking around to see what other folks were doing for inspiration. Some friends were selling produce to restaurants, others were milking a few animals and making cheese. Cows, cheese, veggies....sure, why not? 

And so, with all …

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