Into The Cheese Cave we went


After the thrill of building our cheese house, adding a cheese cave was another exciting journey. We had been aging some of our unwaxed Farmhouse cheese at The Major's farm in Putney at the urging of Beth Carlson, their affineur, who loved the cheese. Using the same recipe, we were able to create two delicious and very different cheeses. Our friend, Tom Vanacore an artist who works in stone and cement offered to build us a cave on a small south facing hill between our barn and cave

The hillside was cleaned out

Then the cement trucks came. 

First the floor was poured. 

Then the walls went up

Next came the ventilation pipes 

To make the dome of the cave, wooden arches were made

 Then the dome was poured

The wooden forms were removed leaving a beautiful domed ceiling

The walls were stuccoed 

Then the beautiful door, created by John Baker was added

And in Dec. of 2000 the very first cave cheese was brought into the cave

And this is what it looks like today, at 20 years.


Unknown said…
Loved being part of your journey!! Can't be almost 20 yrs.... hugs to you
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