May, A Changeable Season

It's 42º and rainy today. A stiff north wind is whipping all the new leaves, flowers and even the birds around. And the cows are hunkered by the barn. It's the end of May.

Truth be told, I love it. After keeping track of the weather since 1976, I know that, in fact, the sun will come out. Maybe not tomorrow, but probably Monday. And it will get warm, even hot. So hot that when sitting in the shade of the tree, the hot wind will feel like a furnace.

The weather is always like this in an up and down sort of way. Just last week we were wondering when 'they' would say that we are officially in a drought. After a relatively dry winter, and then all those brilliant blue skies,we were starting to wonder if the weather pattern would ever shift.
Wanting to harden off the greenhouse plants, we took over 150 flats of veggies out of the greenhouse  Setting up the outdoor tables, we put the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, artichokes and flowers in order for their planting in the garden, which, we felt certain we would be soon.

The next day, with the threat of heavy rains and hail, back they all went into the greenhouse to weather out the storm.

And there they sit, waiting for some drier and warmer temperatures.

The spring has really been rather spectacular. After a great bloom, the apricot tree is loaded with apricots.
And the flower gardens have never been more beautiful

So, after a wonderful winter of milking and taking care of the cows

After a winter of making cheese, and having some wonderful visitors come and watch the magic, 
we stand ready to embrace the summer. With all of it's ups and downs. The cold and the hot. The dry and the wet. And for everything in between!


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