Cheese, Again

Today was our 1st cheesemaking. Even though I've been making cheese for years, I am always amazed by the process. It never ceases to be a magical and very ancient experience. By adding enzymes to milk, we are able to make a wonderful ageable cheese from the cow's wonderful but perishable milk. We pump milk from the milkroom in the barn, to our cheeseroom. After the starter culture and rennet is added, the milk sets into a soft curd. To tell when it's time to cut the curds, I test them.

this is called " the clean break test". And its this that I find so awe inspiring. It worked. It always does.
So, let the cheese season begin !!


Alison Bechdel said…
Hooray!!! what a miracle.
Alison Bechdel said…
Remember the old farmer's diary I sent you? From like, 1889 or something? I was just looking in another one of his books, from 1894, and in the back I found this list of cows' names: Fawn (Jersey), Saw bones, Johnny, Shaw, Gretta, Kid, Hal, Baby, Judge, Wooley...and a couple more I can't quite decipher.Bouncer? Scrumples?! Hope your babies are doing good.
Marjorie Susman said…
Yes,Alison, I've really enjoyed looking in that book ( the one you lent us is from 1875).Perhaps some day someone will discover all our old calendars , and marvel over our strange names. I'll be adding our baby heifer pictures soon... Bingo, Presto, and Hazy. And the Mom's too.
Anonymous said…
Hope you got my message. You guys are so amazing. I love to show you off. I had to show everyone in the office here the cheese because it was delivered to them. They were in awe.
Now of course, for the first time since Ryan has been in Houston he is just dying to come over (he wants cheese!)
Love you both,

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