The Dawning of the Spring

In deep winter I can only imagine how it all begins. One thing is for sure... it's slow and steady. One day it's the cardinal's song, then it's a flowing stream, or the wisps of smoke from the sugar houses. This weekend we had a crocus on the south side of the cheese house. The snow only had to melt, and there it was. Sure, today it's covered with snow, but the snow is like a blanket, and by tomorrow when it melts, the crocus will return.

seeding lettuce
This weekend we began sowing seeds in the greenhouse. I am always humbled by the act of planting. I hold the seed in my hand and just marvel. I feel like I am holding the whole world right in my palm of my hand. Each seed has what it needs to become the plant it was meant to be. Just some soil, water, and sun, and everything else the seed needs is right there. This is it, the beginning of the growing season. I can only imagine the succulent sweet taste of a red boston lettuce, or the crunch of romaine.
And so it goes. Next week we'll be on to onions and peppers.


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