The First Till

Lettuce hardening off before
being planted outside.

Although we've been gardening on this farm for 28 years, I am always amazed and awed by the certainty of the seasons. We always set out the first lettuce around now, but, somehow I am always left breathless by the speed of the drying and warming of the soil. So it was yesterday that I hopped on the tractor, hooked up the tiller, and tilled. There is stark beauty everywhere now. The trees are just showing a hint of color. The hills, usually covered with greenery, shrubs and undergowth, now shows all their texture.
As I began to till, I was thrilled to see the beautiful soil fluff right up. Our soil is a loam, with some good sized rocks, even though we pick them every year, and as I got off the tractor to throw some rocks in the bucket the soft soil covered my sneaker.Soft and warm, so alive. So ready to plant into.
It is at this time, this first moment of the garden that I am so aware of the great promise every time we plant a seed, or a plant. Its the great faith that it will grow, and flourish. That the rains will come, but not too much. That the heat will come, but not too hot. That the pastures will grow to feed the cows, and that this will be the best garden ever.
And so it is, tomorrow,that we'll plant our first planting of lettuce in the garden!!


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