Hail in June

And just like that, our beautiful garden ... wiped out in a hail storm. Never, in our 29 years of gardening here have we seen anything like it. The storm just sat over us and dumped pea size hail for about 10 minutes. Thousands of heads of lettuce....gone. I am still hoping that it's early enough in the season that the decapitated tomatoes can do some growing( perhaps that's just my optimism). Don't know about the eggplants, the leaves are just skeletonized ....And the ice itself, will it just freeze the plant tissue?
It's really an amazing sight. There are literally piles of hail on the ground, some around 5"deep. And no, we have no insurance ( even if we could get it for our small acreage, the price would be prohibitive). We do know all about the vagaries of weather, but never expect the worst!

Take a look at these pictures:

I'll let you all know how it turns out, today it seems pretty sad and hopeless, but, tomorrow is another day.


cathunter said…
I can't believe this!! I am so sorry- what a lot of work....ugh!
I'm glad you took pics because it is so hard to imagine....it's mid June for God's sake!
Look forward to seeing you on Thurs if that's still good....love and melting hugs to you both, Cath
Melissa said…
oh no. sorry sorry to hear/see this. I suppose it does you no good to hear that it's frosty and cold down here too -- but it's winter. sending you good warm vibes. You shall overcome - as you always do. melissa

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