Final Days of The Garden '09

Buckwheat, ready to be tilled in

Now is the time of the growing season dedicated to taking the garden apart, tilling in the summer cover crops, sowing fall oats for a winter cover crop,spreading manure, and generally making sure the garden is ready to greet the spring. Our days are spent pulling up the black plastic mulch that warmed the soil for the peppers, eggplants, and the melons. Irrigation hoses are rolled up and labeled. Tomato stakes are piled up for next year. I wake up each morning with a check list swimming around my head... oats seeded, check, potatoes dug, check.
It's almost time for the winter season of the farm.. cows, milk, cheese,and indoor chores But now, it's still garden time. The leaves are still afire, cows are still on pasture, and I'm so glad our days are still spent out of doors.

Ubu, Timothy and Hershey, enjoying the last of the pasture


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