Many Hands

Up until this past weekend there hadn't been any good haying weather. With rain every few days, there wasn't enough time to get it dry in the 3 or 4 days needed. Then last Thursday the weather broke. Hot and dry, every farmer took to their tractor and began mowing fields. All through out our valley, there was the sound of tractors. Then the rhythmic sound of the baler as the loose hay is made into bales. We don't make hay, but have been buying it from the same family for probably 15 years. When it's time to unload the baled hay, that's when the camaraderie begins.We have a steady group of wonderful friends we can call. This time it was Bruce Baldwin, and his sons Elias and Ethan, and as an extra bonus, this weekend my wonderful brother Matthew was visiting. It's a hot and heavy job, but is also such a great time.
Dean unloads the wagons by putting it on a hay elevator, and we are inside the barn stacking it.
This time we got 3 loads, about 600 bales. Later this summer we'll get another 1,200 and that will be enough to get us through.


Mary said…
Nice lookin' hay! It's the most fun if you're not allergic :(

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