Summer Reflections

It's a rainy, cold November day, and I find myself thinking about the summer, and all the wonders that went along with it. We were not sure how this summer was going to turn out. Marian was scheduled for hip surgery on June 1st, and we, who usually work the garden along with one helper realized we needed more help than usual. But, as luck would have it, everything turned out more wonderful than we ever could have imagined. To begin, our wonderful friend and long time worker, Lauren, came back after 2 years away. She is the kind of help that you might imagine, but could never believe existed. The kind of person who is aware of everything around her, knowing , like us, what needs to be done next, and after that too. I have watched her rototill, picking weeds in the rows as she went. Or, realizing the leeks hadn't been tilled, stop and hill them on her way to something else. Truly, an amazing woman.

Lauren, Marjorie & Marian

Then along came Mary and Kate. I never could have believed that we'd find such wonderful, dedicated workers. They usually worked on different days, but when they did overlap, they chatted away like old friends. We consider ourselves blessed to have worked with such fabulous, hardworking, delightful women, and even though they are new friends, I feel like they will be friends for life.

Kate, Marian, Marjorie & Mary
Zuri & Utani ( our dogs)

In the peppers

We also needed extra help unloading hay this summer, and I know I did a piece on the hay unloading, but here, again, is our wonderful hay crew

Marjorie, Matthew, Elias, Bruce & Dean

So, as it turned out, Marian healed wonderfully, we met wonderful people to work with, enriching our lives is so many ways. And the garden grew and thrived after being showered with so much love.


Pastrygirl said…
I am so glad to hear that Marian is doing well and that the farm and y'all had a great summer. I miss your smiling faces and especially the cheese, the pictures of the farm make me miss Vermont and all the great things found there.

Marsha Hyatt

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