Even though it's still too wet to get planting in the garden, spring is slowly creeping in. I walk around the yard greeting the returning flowers, the budding trees, hearing the birds, the spring peepers. Over the winter I forget the sounds, the smells, the beauty of it all.

Here is a lovely poem by Timothy J. Nolan

Long Winter

So much I've forgotten
the grass
the birds
the close insects
the shoot- the drip-
the spray of the sprinkler
freckles- strawberries
the heat of the Sun
the impossible
the flush of your face
so much
the high noon
the high grass
the patio ice cubes
the barbeque
the buzz of them-
the insects
the weeds-the dear
weeds-that grow
like alien life forms-
all Dr. Suessy and odd-
here we go again--
we are turning around
again-this will all
happen over again
and again- it will


Alison said…
thank you for sharing this lovely poem. Now I could use one that recalls the pleasures of winter, which I struggle to find as days grow colder, shorter, and I spend more time indoors!
Marjorie Susman said…
How about this wonderful poem by David Budbill:

All the raucous birds of summer
Faithless, transitory, fly-by- nights
Finally gone. Sky quiet, ear empty.

Chickadee, companion through
The cold and dark, little friend
At the door yard feeder again.

Now those of us who stay, we quiet ones
Settle into the winter
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