The MNFC & Us

These short dark days are the perfect time to reflect on this past summer. It was a season of great ups and downs. Torrential rains,rain damaged plants and some tomato disease, made it feel like it was going to be a really poor year, but with great lettuce, shallot, red pepper and broccoli crops, it ended up being a pretty average one, which, really, was a feat in itself.

This summer marked our 31st year selling produce to the Middlebury Natural Foods Coop. We work closely with them, meeting in the winter to talk with Kira, the produce manager, about what she wants us to grow for them. It's a wonderful relationship . The coop takes great pride in promoting local growers, and we in turn work to give them produce that shines in their display case.

Kira ( produce manager) Judith & Katherine are part of the amazing produce staff

Sandy & Judith checking in our produce delivery

The produce always looks like a cornucopia

In addition to produce the coop also sells huge amounts of our cheeses.
Annapourna & Karen keep the cheese case looking beautiful

We are so fortunate to be able to sell most of our veggies and cheese to such an amazing store.... here's to year 32! And now it's time to focus on the winter part of the farm...cows!


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