Winter, 2012

Winter. Today the length of the day was 9 hours, 15 minutes. As short as these days are, we've actually added 23 minutes of light to the day. By thursday, the next day we make cheese, we'll have added another 5. This is how it builds. Day by day, minute by minute. At first, it's achingly slow. Then we walk down to the barn in the morning with glimpses of light in the east. But for now, the days are short, and it's cold and stark out there.
No matter the weather outside, inside the barn it's cozy and the beautiful green hay makes the barn smell like a new mown field

This winter we are milking 7 cows.

Here's YoYo with her calf, Bounty.Born on Thanksgiving day, we thought it was a rather appropriate name for kicking off the milking season.

Timothy, and baby Kudo

Gouda & Truffle

Frolic & Whimsy

Also this year we are milking Foxie, Bosco, and Orbit.

So, while waiting for the returning sun, we are busy milking the cows and making cheese. Not a bad way to spend the winter!


Jen ( said…
Those calves are gorgeous. The only thing better is the storage room of CHEEESE! :)

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