5 Milkers, and We're Ready For Cheese !!

As of today we are milking 5 cows ( Wizard, YooHoo, Hershey, Boffo, and Bosco), with 2 more to come ( Timothy and Roxie) . So now that the cow part is pretty much under control, we're on to cheesemaking.
The cheese room cleanup is, of course, much more intense than the barn. The room is scrubbed from the ceiling and walls right down to the floor. All of the moulds, presses, buckets and various cheesemaking paraphernalia are washed and sanitized. Right now, it seems insurmountable, but somehow, it always gets done. Thursday will be our 1st "make". The first batch might be a bit short, but on a normal day, we set about 1000 pounds of milk, and end up with about 140 pounds of cheese.
I'll write more about the process along with pictures as our season progresses.
But for now, on with our new season!


Anonymous said…
you are taking some really incredible photos! and the recipes! just found out about your blog today and i read every entry! your posts in october made me miss the fall weather already...but here we go, winter straight ahead! stay warm, see you soon!
ashley at healthy living :)
Anonymous said…
i can't wait to get up there and see you guys. less than a month!!! love, bec

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