I love fresh pasta. It really makes any dish special. Simple stir fries, tomato sauces, anywhere noodles are used. And,it's really easy.... all you need is some flour, salt and eggs.
A well is made in the flour and the eggs are added to it. Here I used 9 yolks and 4 whole eggs. I know it seems like a lot, but there are so many wonderful meals that can be made from it.

I like to mix up a big batch, for ravioli, and roll the extra pasta into sheets. When the sheets are fairly dry, I roll them up and put in a plastic bag to be used as needed. From this batch I got 10 dozen raviolis , and a meal of pasta with a tomato sauce.

When our nieces, Isabel and Lily were visiting this summer, we cut the sheets of rolled dough into thick noodles.

They only need to boil for about 2 minutes. We put butter and cheese on it.
Another thing we do is to make lots of ravioli for freezing for a quick meal in the middle of the winter on a day where we need something fast and wonderful.

For these ravioli, we made a filling of sauteed onion and chard mixed with ricotta. But really, any filling is wonderful!!

They will be boiled for about 6 minutes, and tossed with sage butter.
The sheets of dough can also be lasagna noodles, or cut small for soups...
really, there is nothing like fresh pasta!

My recipe for pasta is:

9 egg yolks
4 whole eggs
3 cups white flour
1 cup semolina flour
1 tsp. salt
* note on the flours: I never really know how much I use, I keep adding it to the dough until it is workable
Mix flours and salt in a bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour, add eggs and yolks. With a fork beat the eggs, slowly incorporating the flour. As the eggs absorb the flour you might need to add more flour. When the dough is formed, turn onto a floured work surface and knead ( adding more flour as necessary to keep it from sticking) into a smooth ball.
Put dough in a clean bowl and cover for an hour or so.


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