Ah, May. The loveliest time of year. The time of new growth, and blooming trees,the returning of the birds, and, for us, double duty since we're still milking, and making cheese, and getting the garden going. It's a lot, and is the reason I haven't written more. In the garden, we've already planted 2 plantings of lettuce, 10 85' rows of shallots, and seeded peas, spinach, and chard. As tired as I am, it's really a wonderful tired. The sense of accomplishment is huge, and I get to see where I'm going... and it looks pretty exciting from here on the tractor .

tilling for peas


Melissa said…
I do miss May in Vermont...the smell of things starting to sprout, earth, worms, the first wild chives in my front is cool and rainy and everything kind of going to bed. wishing you a wonderful start of season - melissa

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