A New Season Begins

What a wonderful time of year. A time of great change for everything...birds are in their finest feather, plants lush and green, and, how intense can the flowers be?

Tree leaves are a bit slow this year, not fully unfurled yet, but soon.And here on the farm, the winter season is ending, the summer
season gearing up. Thursday will be the last cheese making until November. That means that Wednesday will be our last evening milking. We'll milk the cows in the mornings for a week, then off to pasture they go!We'll have lettuce for market by
May 29th .

Hopefully I'll have a movie of cheese making soon( first I need to learn how to edit movies). In the meantime, here is a short movie of the cows this evening. Notice how their mouths are moving as they chew their cuds... truly, a sight to behold.


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