Must Be The Season Of The Cow

Wizard, Meeting her new Calf, Orbit

We are now entering the season of the cow. Our first cow, Wizard, 'freshened' yesterday. She had a really beautiful heifer named Orbit ( a previously and much loved name here on the farm). We often miss the actual birth, but this time, we were lucky to be around for it. Watching a cow give birth is like watching a calf swan dive into the world. First it's the 2 front hooves, then the nose, then the head, then the shoulders, and, after the shoulders, one more push and's out.
Within an hour, her baby was up and trying to walk.

A still wet Orbit trying out her new legs

And, so it goes... summer slipped into autumn, and is fast becoming winter


Isabel said…
Orbit is so cute!!! can't wait to see her in person. love Isabel and Lily

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