Tractor Love

I love my tractor. Got it almost new in 1984, and it's been all a girl could want in a tractor. The size is good for a short person, and the power is right there for all my needs. Being a city kid, driving a tractor took some getting used to. But now, it's second nature. So it's with real sadness that I find myself thinking about a new one. The hydraulics don't work like they used to. To rise the rotovator today I had to fiddle with the bucket. And it's starting to rust too. So I'm thinking that in the spring ( assuming it makes it through the winter), while there is still some trade in value, talking to either the Kubota or John Deere folks. For now though, I've got my fingers crossed.


Aw. That was sad. I totally understand your feelings. It was like parting with your beloved car. But I think when your tractor is not serving you well, it is high time to get a new one. A new tractor with new features and updated parts will surely delight you again.

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