Autumnal updates

It's hard to believe in out zone 4 1/2 area we can grow a southern belle like this hibiscus. She blooms mid September, and here we are in Oct......still enjoying lots of blooms. The days are getting shorter, and I think tomorrow ( monday) we'll be picking for a frost. 
But, our greenhouse is full of onions and shallots, and we still have plantings of broccoli and lettuce to come. 


cathunter said…
Is that hibiscus growing outside? Do you bring it in and out so it doesn't get frozen in the winter??? It's beautiful and I had no idea that we could grow these here??
Marjorie Susman said…
Yes, it actually grows outside. in the ground. We've had it growing here for probably 4 years. When we first put it in it was on a lark. it was pretty, but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would actually survive. It totally dies back in the winter, and late in the spring , just as we give up hope that it'll ever grow... up come shoots. It's really gotten huge this year... I bet it had over 20 huge crepe like flowers on it.
It does grow in a sheltered spot... on the west side of our house . The beauty of it being there is that it's just outside the front door, so every morning when I walk down stairs, there it is greeting me.
Anonymous said…
hey marg! i studied hipiscus at school. coolio right.

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