The season of slow transitions

In late May, as our cheesemaking year draws to a close, the days are at their longest, and I can't wait for winter chores to be done with. It happens gradually... first the cows start spending nights outdoors in mid April and our late night visits to the barn to " sweep the cows in" ends. Then, in early May the pastures begin to get green, and the hay feeding season ends. And I can't wait to be out of doors. We make cheese around 50 times a year, and by batch 49 I am so ready to stop.I cannot ever imagine wanting to be tied to the barn and cheeseroom again.
So, here I am today, October 28th. We let the cows up from their pastures to give them hay since its rainy and cold and there is a chance of snow flurries tonight. As I walked down to the haymow , I found myself thinking about milking, and winter chores. And, I found myself remembering the winter barn. And I started thinking about our slow transitions between the seasons. It begins with feeding hay, then putting in the barn windows, cobwebbing, washing the mangers, and generally getting ready for the next wonderful season.... untill its time for the next!


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