Mid October, and the cows are still eating pasture ! It probably wont be for long, though. On their last change of pasture the other day we noticed that the grasses are really slowing down. Soon, they'll be eating hay .

Fall is such a time of transition. Along with the colors, we slowly slip from our summer life of being outside all the time. Meals on the porch become meals inside. It is slow because we are still gardening... still have loads of broccoli to pick and cases of lettuce, but when we need onions we now go to the greenhouse instead of up to the garden.And, we are also remembering that window in the barn that needs fixing, and the bales of sawdust ( because there is no longer bulk sawdust available from the saw mills ) need to be moved around.


Mommy said…
I finally loged on & saw your blog. It is beautiful!

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