Its looking like tomorrow will be out first broccoli picking, a bit late for us, but, oh well. Every year has its hardships... and this summer's heavy rain made it hard for us to get our fall plantings in on time. I'm not sure how to put 2 pictures on a posting , but I wanted to get this beautiful broccoli head on here also. 

Oh, easier than I thought it would be. As I keep learning, I'll try to make this more interesting to read.

I'd like to add a recipe sections for food I love to cook......( once I figure how to add new sections, I'm sure its easy once one knows how) Along with photos of the food.
Let me know what you think too. This is all so new to me! 


cathunter said…
Clearly this broccoli has been given steroids...what a head!
Anonymous said…
Your Broccoli is so good, I can not resist eating it before I get home after purchasing it at our local co-op. Every year I think it would make the most perfect wedding bouquet for any lucky bride: they are so large and exquisite. We are big fans of everything Orb Weaver.
Bev From Oregon said…
I think posting your recipes would be wonderful! This is such a cozy little site I could stay here all day!

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