channeling my inner peasant

This is what the sky looked like from the porch as we got ready to take an early morning walk yesterday. Its a wonderful time of year, we have another month until the cows freshen ( calve) so we get to go for a walk instead of go to the barn. We had a pretty hard frost the night before, so as we walked on the lower fields, the sun lit up each blade of grass with a billion prisms of shimmering light.
Then it was off to the gardens.

Picking and washing vegetables at this time of year.... when its just this side of being too cold, stirs some deep inner feelings of true contentment in me. It's these days when I find myself smiling,singing, and remembering Mary Oliver's line " Oh, to love what is lovely and will not last ..." trying to hold onto this day, this time of year. The trees still have their foliage, and picking on top of the garden is truly like being on top of the world. Sure, the washing of the veggies is cold, but I even love how cold my hands get. I think of peasants, like us, doing as we have for untold centuries


Anonymous said…
Hi M&M!!
Marjorie Susman said…
thanks for the comment, matt
Anonymous said…
hey marg i know i just sent something in salsa making section just wanted to say that the sunset pic in the morning is gorgeous!

love, izzy
Anonymous said…
finally saw it i love it
Anonymous said…
i am so happy that you're coming to my school. i need to come up to you guys again. a few questions. how are you guys? do you still have slugs? hows the cows? hows the dogs? are the cats still there? tell all the animals i say HI!!!!!!!!
P.S. sorry that i am writing sooo much.

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