The trials of farming

Naturally, if farming were easy, and things didn't go wrong, it really wouldn't be farming, and everyone would want to be a farmer. Just imagine, beautiful, sunny days, copious amounts of fresh organic produce.
This growing season has had a lot of ups and downs. ( great red peppers and eggplant for example) Today it feels like more downs We had inch upon inch of rain in July and August and were unable to get all of the broccoli in the ground in a timely manner. Now, when we should be 1/2 way through our harvest, we are done... unless we have a wonderful and warm November. Then there are the shallots. Last year they were our cash cow. We were able to store and sell shallots straight through until April. The price is really high, and at one point even thought we could just grow shallots. Well, this growing season got rid of those ideas ! They have been curing in the greenhouse for about a month. Today was a rainy day, so we went into the greenhouse to begin boxing them up. Sadly, a great majority were rotten ! Just like that, no shallots ! Guess they really didn't respond well to all that rain
Ah, well. We've always thought our motto should be " year " !!I suppose its that forward thinking that makes this all possible.


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